Relay Team Leader Application

Thanks for your interest in a Santa Barbara Channel relay swim. We looking forward to working with you.

This application should be completed only once per relay, by the relay team leader.

The team leader must be 18 years or older. Relay swimmers can be younger than 18, but the team leader (who may or may not also be swimming) must be 18+.

All team members (including the team leader, if the team leader is also swimming) should also complete the Relay Member Application.


  • For best results, we recommend using a standard desktop or laptop computer with a modern web browser such as Google Chrome. This application is not tested on mobile devices!
  • The following pages will guide you through the information we need about you and your planned swim. Feel free to browse through the pages to preview the questions.
  • Required fields are outlined in red.
  • Red text at bottom of each page provides feedback about incomplete fields.
  • Each page turns bold green when all the required fields on that page are complete.
  • Click the Save and Return Later page to save a partially-completed application that you will finish later.
  • Please double-check your entries for accuracy. When you are ready, use the SUBMIT tab to send your application to the SBCSA.

Questions or technical issues? Email

Team Leader Info

The Team

Support Crew

Crew Chief

Who will be your lead support person on the boat?

Other Support Crew

Please list all other crew members (besides crew chief). Indicate each crew member's specific role (kayaker, feeder, support swimmer, etc.)

The Swim

Please notify the SBCSA as soon as you have made arrangements with an escort boat.

If your escort boat is unknown to the SBCSA, we will require additional details on the boat's size, type, and amenities, to determine if it is suitable for piloting a channel swim. The boat must have a current USCG Vessel Safety inspection report.

If your pilot is unknown to the SBCSA, we will require additional details on their credentials, such as a USCG charter boat captain's license.

After your application is processed, an SBCSA representative will reach out to you about this.

When is your swim scheduled?

Permission to publicize?

The SBCSA publishes a list of upcoming swim attempts at the beginning of each season. Do we have your permission to publicize your attempt, or do you prefer to keep it private?

Submit Application



Application submitted.

Next Steps

  • Now that the Team Leader app is completed, we need individual Team Member applications from each relay member who will be swimming, and from any alternates.
  • If you (the Team Leader) will be swimming, you also need to complete a Team Member app.
  • Please provide your team members the link to the Team Member app -
  • They will need to enter the Team Name to identify themselves as a member of your team. All other requested information is specific to the individual.
  • The Relay Application is considered complete when all Team Member apps have been received.

Save and Return Later

Click to save your data and return later.

A small window will pop up - copy the URL to your computer. To return to your application, enter this URL into your browser.