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Thanks for your interest in a solo Santa Barbara Channel swim. We looking forward to working with you.

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Complete these questions first:

Swimmer will be younger than 18 on the date of the swim. Is there a parent or guardian present to help complete the rest of the application?

The Swimmer

Parent/Guardian Contact Info

Emergency Contact Person

Please list an emergency contact person who will be on land during the swim.

The Swim

Please notify the SBCSA as soon as you have made arrangements with an escort boat.

If your escort boat is unknown to the SBCSA, we will require additional details on the boat's size, type, and amenities, to determine if it is suitable for piloting a channel swim. The boat must have a current USCG Vessel Safety inspection report.

If your pilot is unknown to the SBCSA, we will require additional details on their credentials, such as a USCG charter boat captain's license.

After your application is processed, an SBCSA representative will reach out to you about this.

When is your swim scheduled?

Splash Date

Permission to publicize?

The SBCSA publishes a list of upcoming swim attempts at the beginning of each season. Do we have your permission to publicize your attempt, or do you prefer to keep it private?

Support Team

Crew Chief

Who will be your lead support person on the boat?

Other Support Crew

Please list all other crew members (besides crew chief). Indicate each crew member's specific role (kayaker, feeder, support swimmer, etc.)

Swim Experience

In this section we would like to learn about your open water swimming experience - especially any documented marathon swims you have done.

Please search for your name in the LongSwims Database. If you have a LongSwimsDB profile and feel it fairly represents your recent swimming achievements, please simply paste a link to your profile in the box below.

Otherwise, please use the box to tell us more about your swimming background, training, and recent swims. Details might include:

  • Recent organized swim events/races you have done (especially last 3 years).
  • How far you swim each week, on average.
  • Recent long training swims.
  • Proportion of training you do in open water vs. the pool.
  • Your local body of open water - typical water temps, how long you swim at these temps, etc.
  • Your sustainable swimming pace (minutes/seconds per 100m for pool swimming, or minutes per statute mile for open water).

If you don't have any recent, documented marathon swims, the SBCSA may require you to complete a qualifying swim. The required distance depends on your planned route. For an Anacapa Channel swim or Anacapa circumnavigation, a typical qualifier would be a 10km ocean swim in 65F water temperature or cooler. The annual Semana Nautica 6-mile Ocean Swim is also a valid qualifying swim for Anacapa.

Medical Clearance

Marathon swimming is an inherently physically stressful activity, even under the best of circumstances.

All swimmers undertaking SBCSA-sanctioned swims must be in excellent general health, and must have been examined by a physician within the twelve months prior to their scheduled attempt.

Is there any aspect of your personal health or medical history that may affect your ability to successfully complete this swim?

If yes, please describe the issue below.

Please note, the information you provide does not necessarily disqualify your application. But it may help the SBCSA and your official observer better serve you during your swim attempt.

Please read the following two statements. If they are true, please check the boxes.

1. To the best of my knowledge, I am in excellent general health and have not omitted any information which might be relevant to my ability to swim the Santa Barbara Channel

2. I have been examined by a medical doctor within the past 12 months, and have been specifically cleared to undertake this event.

Vaccination Requirement for 2021 Swims

In the interest of the health and safety of participants in SBCSA- sanctioned swims in 2021, everyone aboard the escort boat - swimmer, crew, pilot, and observer - will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Liability Waiver

All SBCSA-sanctioned swimmers are required to sign a liability waiver.

After this application is processed, a SBCSA representative will reach out to the swimmer and their designated parent/guardian to complete the waiver

Before continuing this application, please read and sign the waiver at HelloSign:

Sanction Fees

We accept four methods of payment for sanction fees:

  • Secure credit card payment via Stripe (2.9% surcharge to cover transaction fees).
  • PayPal (2.9% surcharge to cover transaction fees.
  • Personal check (no surcharge).
  • Wire transfer (no extra surcharge, but may be subject to outgoing transfer fees charged by your bank).

We will send specific instructions along with the invoice.

Lifetime Membership

SBCSA Lifetime Members are entitled (for life) to a $100 discount on Solo sanction fees, a $50 discount on relay sanction fees, and recognition on our website, in our newsletter, and at the annual banquet (more info here).

Lifetime Membership costs $250 (one time only), and is tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. The discount is valid immediately, including for this swim.

Cancellation Policy

  • The SBCSA will refund sanction fees for cancelled swims, minus a $200 processing fee.
  • Sanction fees may be applied to a rescheduled swim without a fee, as long as the reschedule occurs at least 48 hours before the scheduled meet time.
  • Swims rescheduled less than 48 hours before meet time are subject to a $200 processing fee.
  • Swims called off any time after the swimmer enters the water are not eligible for a refund of sanction fees.

I understand the cancellation policy


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